Three Benefit Of Dark Mode

Dark Mode
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Lately, there has been a lot of hype surrounding dark mode, a feature which allows users to change the background colour of an app window to black.

It has recently been launched on numerous popular apps, smartphone themes and browsers. Here are some of the most important reasons why developers and OEMs are providing dark mode options and why users should care about the feature.


Refresh is often an overlooked aspect to any product, people love a refresh even if it’s just a theme switch. Lots of users lose their minds over simple colour inversion where an earlier white UI with black text becomes dark grey even if the interaction remained the same.

Although some users naturally prefer dark mode. What made the difference most of the time is a simple introduction of a different outlook to the same thing. It’s like when Apple introduced a limited edition red iPhones back in the day, people lost their minds and wanted it.


In dark environments, the iris opens up and that keeps it relaxed. But a bright screen can feel like a car headlight beaming at you in a dark. Shining strong light into a fully opened iris can be uncomfortable. More light from our display means the iris has to stay closed and lots of us find that fatiguing. Dark mode brings the display more in line with the overall environment and keeps. 


Dark background consumes less power especially with OLED screen where every pixel is lit individually. Using dark themes means those dark areas of the screen is turned off. According to Google, the dark mode does not have much of an impact on LCD screens. But in the case of AMOLED screens, the dark mode saved approximately 63% power.

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