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Whatsapp is undoubtedly the most popular social media messaging app in the world. Whatsapp was built originally to focus on messaging at low coss, that has evolved over the years since it was purchased by Facebook who added a lot of features like status etc. 


Lots of users opt for modified versions because of there extended features. These features can be categorized into three major features. Privacy features, customization features and power-user features.

  • Privacy features grants users the ability to revoke deleted messages, view deleted status, hide online status and lots more.
  • Customization features give users the ability to customize the look and feel of WhatsApp beyond the defaults. 
  • And power-user features allows users to extend the capabilities of WhatsApp buy allowing them to download users status directly or sending or posting larger files than they would on the normal WhatsApp. 



Unlike open-source Linux, Whatsapp isn’t open-source, its creators didn’t make the source codes available to the public for anyone to look at or modify. These modified versions are created by reverse-engineering the main WhatsApp.

Some of these mods apps are also closed source. This means its possible for the developer to include a backdoor to scrape user data. Even if the developers don’t include a backdoor, the level of quality control implemented by the developers can’t be trusted we have with these app cant be trusted, hence apps could bring with them security bugs.

One of the pioneer versions of Modified Whatapp called Whatapp Plus rumoured to have been created by a developer called Rafalanse in 2012, it was available on Google play store but has since been removed after a DMCA takedown from WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp Plus is still available for download on some sites and third party store. Gbapps is one site with the most popular site with the latest versions of various mod WhatsApp. 

Gbapps made sure they left this disclaimer for WhatsApp plus downloaders  “It is a modified version of the original App, which can leak your private conversation to third parties. That’s why you should be cautious while using it”That seems like an unusual warning from a site expressly known for distributing various Modified WhatsApp. 

There has also been a couple of unconfirmed reports on the internet of users who reported their phones were infected with adware right after installing GBwhatsapp. We installed to the app to check for signs of that, and we saw no obvious signs of adware, but we can’t rule out the possibility of this happening with some users.  


Modified WhatApps extended privacy beyond what’s offered on the regular WhatsApp. Sometimes, it gets unpleasant and disturbing. For instance, If you delete something from your WhatsApp status, a GBWhatapp user might still view that deleted information if they choose to. 

Whatapp original idea of privacy is such that if you don’t want users to know if you have viewed their status by turning off read receipts, you wouldn’t also be able to tell if they viewed (read) yours. 

With GBWhatsapp, all those seemingly fair regulations are thrown in the bin and its users can prevent you from reading their read receipts and still able to read your receipts.

For regular Whatsapp users, it could be very creepy when someone replies to a long-deleted text or status. Except you find joy in being weird, then you shouldn’t continue enabling all those features.


Just like a lot of services, Mod Whatsapp comes with its pros and cons. Some of the features from these modified apps are so cool, We certainly will all would like to see facebook integrate them into the regular WhatsApp.

Irrespective of its advantages, users need to weigh the possible problems that could arise from using these apps. Even if no one has categorically pointed out a vulnerability or backdoor is CURRENTLY exploited by its developers or other hackers, its most recommended for users to err on the side of caution. 

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6 months ago

The bottom line is that WhatsApp mods are not safe. The customizations they offer may look attractive, but it is best not to download such apps

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