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The long-anticipated Tecno Phantom 9 has been announced, the flagship Tecno fans have been waiting for since 2017 is here.

It’s a great phone with great price and could easily make the top of my list for best phones under Eighty thousand Naira. The new Phantom is a phone capable of competing effectively against midrange phones such as Samsung A70, Huawei Nova 3i and a lot of others in this segment.

Is phantom 9 a midrange phone? Isn’t Phantom Tecno’s flagship device? It cost way less than Phantom 8, does that make phantom 8 a better phone? These are some of the puzzling questions from fans

A quick answer to these questions would be, Yes! Phantom 9 is a midrange phone, It’s a better phone than Phantom 8 and it’s probably going to be Tecno’s flagship phone. Creators such as FisayoFosudo and Henreeneo have done a good job reviewing it, so I wouldn’t spend time on all the nitty-gritty of Phantom 9.

However, a lot of fans will not agree with my statement about it being a flagship because it doesn’t have a high-end SoC, the build quality and some notable features of phones generally called flagship. A few years ago, all the above would have been true for the definition of a flagship but in 2019 the meaning of flagship has been broadened.

Some flagships marketed by companies like Apple and Samsung as ultra high-end, ultra expensive and classy Rolls-Royce. Some flagships are mainly about specs and performance, they use top-tier SoCs just like the luxury flagships and are paired with massive RAM and ROM but they cost a lot less than the typical luxury flagships.

Either way, one thing common thing with flagships is they usually are the best phones that particular manufacturer has to offer at that point in time. With that, it’s safe to define flagship as the best possible phone a manufacturer has to offer and Tecno Phantom 9 definitely checks that box


The Phantom series is no more the high-end statement device it was known for, the fact remains that Phantom 6 plus was the last high-end phone built by Tecno. It turned out the Mediatek manufactured Helio X SoC used in the phone overheated a lot and since then both Tecno and Mediatek pulled the plug on high-end devices.

But that was 2017 and a lot has changed since then, we now have fairly powerful low-cost SoCs like Snapdragon 710 and Helio P60 which would have been perfect choices for the Phantom but Tecno had other ideas which haven’t sat well with lot highly expectant fans.

My hypothetical reason is Tecno is going in the route is to boost sales for the underperforming Phantom and gradually build on the foundation. Tecno probably knows most purchased mid-range phones sold in Nigeria right now fall between ₦70,000 and ₦80,000 with Phantom 9 completing in this space would definitely improve sales.

The other possible reason could be Tecno is looking to make Camon the new flagship, the Tecno series is one of the highest selling models in Africa because of how well it performs in the market.

I will like to clarify that the above reasons are a hypothesis and are not the confirmed reasons but there is a possibility Tecno is international about the Phantom decisions and we shouldn’t lose faith in the company.


I will like to clarify that the above reasons are a hypothesis and are not the confirmed reasons by the company or any company official. based on the competitions in the Nigerian smartphone market, its obvious Tecno will look to strategically maintain its market share dominance by focusing on affordability.

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