Huawei Is The Largest Smartphone Manufacturer 2020 Despite Ban

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Huawei recently surpassed Samsung as the largest smartphone manufacturer despite the Us ban, an achievement that was cosidered impossible after the ban. Although their current achievement has less to do with the ban and more to do with COVID-19 effect on phone sales.

The research which was carried out by Counterpoint showed Huawei became the smartphone leader with 19% market share, leavening Samsung at 17% market share. The lockdown caused by COVID-19 pandemic severely affected sales of Samsung in markets like India, the USA, Latin America, and parts of Europe. 

For Huawei, the Chinese have prioritized using the companies products since the US Ban, and since the Chinese economy started to recover by March 2020 and this meant that Huawei’s most important smartphone market was once again open for business and that means more sales for Huawei.

But as we can tell, this success isn’t going to last long as soon as sales in other countries start.

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