All The Best Announcements at Google I/O 2022

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Google has announced a couple of new tools for developers, new features for Android, new AI features and Pixel hardware at the Google i/o 2022 keynote. below are some of the best features announced during the keynote.

Maps Immersive View

All The Best Announcements at Google I/O 2022 1
Immersive AR maps | 9to5mac

If you are conversant with Google earth and street view, Immersive view seems like an excellent combination of both worlds. You would be able to get a detailed view of specific locations to understand the terrain better. It does not end on the streets, as you would be able to take an interview view inside businesses.

New AI features

Google announced a plethora of AI features, starting with multi-search, this feature would allow you let you use google lens to search by an image, and then add an additional text query. Google will then use both the image and the text to show you the most relevant results search results.

Google has also brought new updates to its LaMDA project with version two. The AI tool build around having seamless conversations about random would be open to people for testing, this would is to allow users train LaMDA, and the training process would be available to everyone eventually.

A feature called “look and talk” was demoed on stage, this feature would allow those who have Nest Hub devices to communicate with Assistant without using the “Ok Google or Hey Google” hot words. The user only has to look at nest hub and assistance would recognize it’s been talked to.

Another smart AI feature which would be available for Youtube mobile is its auto-generated translation.

Android 13

Android 13 at Google i/o 2022
Android 13 | Image: Google

Android 13 looks a lot more like an overhaul to the preceding Android 12, with the Material You interface from last year being extended to lots more areas of 13. Google is pushing RCS, a service that brings end-to-end encryption to standard SMS messages.

Google is finally tweaking Android 13 for tables and bringing features like shared copy and past, better support for casting services, and different security and privacy features to make android safer.

The Pixel Devices

All The Best Announcements at Google I/O 2022 2
Google Pixel 6a | Image: Google

Starting with Pixel 6a, a more affordable version of the Pixel 6 line, with a similar design language, and the same Tensor processor but the camera sensors from the Pixel 5a. The Pixel 6a have all the camera capabilities of the Pixel 6 and would retail ar $449

They also gave us a sneak peek of the new Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, they only told us it would come with the next generation Tensor chip and that all we know about it. Google also teased a coming Pixel Table which we may not see till next year.

Pixel Buds Pro were also announced as well. The new wireless earbuds feature active noise cancellation, transparency mode, and longer battery life. The Pixel buds would support multipoint connectivity to connect to and switch between multiple Bluetooth-connected devices at the same time. Pixel buds would go on sale for $199 starting July 18

Pixel Watch is here and Google’s finally given us a look at what the software will be like. The wearable will run an updated version of Wear OS 3 and will feature a Fitbit integration that lets you keep track of your health metrics.

Google Focus On Privacy

Google announced new privacy restriction simmer to what apple had done, they are also developing new privacy focused replacement for advertising, the hub would let users customize the types of ads they want to see and how much of it they want also.

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