About Us

Cremetech.ng (pronounced ˈkrem’tek) founded to serve the mainstream audience with a savvy approach to technology. We inform you about new technologies, breakdown the working principles, analyse the most common myths and misconceptions and inform you on what marketing blueprints you should care about or not.

Cremetech was started in 2017 by Nnorom Kenneth, it was initially hosted as creamtech.com.ng before it was moved to the current domain (cremetech.ng) currently operated by Diaeresis Tech Services BN301079. Our new operators are enthusiastic on improving the value of information on the site, they have given the website a visual and performance facelift and introduced new contents such as buying guide, mobile device specifications and others which would soon been seen on the site.

Specifications: Alright, we get it. There are many other sites where you can find mobile device specifications. But our goals include delivering accurate specs and as much as possible linking users to stores in Nigeria and beyond where they can purchase these devices.

Buying guide: We want to guild people who wants to buy a new mobile device to make the right choices irrespective of their budget.

About DiaeresisTS

Diaeresis Tech services is an IT solution company with extensive and experience in various IT services such as Webhosting and design, network infrastructure, access control systems and other technological based physical security systems.